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thedarkprevails's Journal

The Dark Prevails
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Tired? Depressed? Feeling Alone?

Finally, a community where previously shunned, misunderstood, feared, and loathed supporters of the Dark may feel free to casually chat about the Many Ways To Thwart An Old One, to play pin-the-tail-on-the-milgwn, to debate on the highly controversial topic of which is most impressive--riding through the stormclouds on a black horse, pretending to be a vicar, having lots of noisy birds for pets, being a mountain, owning a yacht...

We are not so bad, really.

Those of the Light need not apply.
abandoned buildings, antilight, bill hoover, black mink, blodwen rowlands, breaking bread, brenin llwyd, cader idris, caves, cornwall, craig yr aderyn, creatures against king arthur, darkness, evil afoot, fog, grey foxes, hatred, hawkin, history, holly-free homes, horses, maggie barnes, malevolence, maps, milgwn, mould, mr mitothin, mr withers, mrs palk, not old ones, omens, plots, polecats, polly withers, revenge, rooks, shadows, spite, streams of time, the bearded lake, the black rider, the dark, the dark is rising, the grey king, the rider, the walker, the white rider, thick mist, wales, warestones