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Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and other unknowns/unmentionables. This is your captain speaking. Er... previously woodenbloom, the person who first started and then entirely forgot about this community. Yes! Those memory drugs really DO work! (In reverse!) Anyway, I feel a little silly being the only person to ever actually post. The comments are great, but let's get some more evil waves flowing, yeah? Anyone have any ideas? Contests? Um.. anything. Really. Anyone have anything they want to talk about? Favourite characters? Hear any good jokes lately? How about that...weather? *wearily eyes crickets* This is a community. It's probably a new concept to a lot of you - I know I'm struggling with it. What, no sacrifices? No mandatory organ soundtrack? Human interaction? Conversation? W..what? Well, I'm trying. So let's everyone else try, too. Misery really does love company. So let's show those Lighties that they're not the only ones who can..have livejournal communities.. Erm, it's been a really long week/semester/year/etc, right. So have sympathy. Lots. (Right, sorry, forgot who I was talking to here -- you might want to look up "sympathy," as I know most of us are only familiar with that word on a NOOO MERCYYYY basis.) So! Community! Let's talk about something! *waves pom-poms* I know! I know! Great ice-breaker discussion topic. Who were you for Hallowe'en? (I was just myself. It was, as I'm sure you can imagine, pretty scary. :D *came back from a camping trip Hallowe'en night, was a veritable nightmare*)
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