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12:22am 06/11/2004
  Having been commanded by our almight leader to spam the community in order to intimidate the forces of goodness with our unrelenting eagerness to flood the friendlists of others, we loyal activists of evil shall spam away.

The agents of the Dark are among us!Collapse )

{we are the dark}

12:41pm 05/11/2004
  Hi, oh wise council of the dark ;)

I was Trinity from the Matrix for Hallowe'en. I totally kicked @$$ in shiny leather and black stiletto boots.

Spamming is a good idea. People hate that. hehe

Oooo, I know. Let's collect all our junk mail and mail it to the long-distance company in THEIR oWN POSTAGE-PAID ENVELOPE! Ha! Ha! Bwahahaha!!!



{we are the dark}

11:00pm 04/11/2004
mood: I just stole an Old One's hwk!
Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and other unknowns/unmentionables. This is your captain speaking. Er... previously woodenbloom, the person who first started and then entirely forgot about this community. Yes! Those memory drugs really DO work! (In reverse!) Anyway, I feel a little silly being the only person to ever actually post. The comments are great, but let's get some more evil waves flowing, yeah? Anyone have any ideas? Contests? Um.. anything. Really. Anyone have anything they want to talk about? Favourite characters? Hear any good jokes lately? How about that...weather? *wearily eyes crickets* This is a community. It's probably a new concept to a lot of you - I know I'm struggling with it. What, no sacrifices? No mandatory organ soundtrack? Human interaction? Conversation? W..what? Well, I'm trying. So let's everyone else try, too. Misery really does love company. So let's show those Lighties that they're not the only ones who can..have livejournal communities.. Erm, it's been a really long week/semester/year/etc, right. So have sympathy. Lots. (Right, sorry, forgot who I was talking to here -- you might want to look up "sympathy," as I know most of us are only familiar with that word on a NOOO MERCYYYY basis.) So! Community! Let's talk about something! *waves pom-poms* I know! I know! Great ice-breaker discussion topic. Who were you for Hallowe'en? (I was just myself. It was, as I'm sure you can imagine, pretty scary. :D *came back from a camping trip Hallowe'en night, was a veritable nightmare*)

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Well, well, well! 
08:10pm 22/12/2003
mood: curious
Well! I turn my back for one century and next thing I know--there are members! I'd feel sorry for being such a negligent wench, but fortunately that's not in my job description. If I was one of those do-goody Light supporters, I'd probably be grovelling for forgiveness and sending flowers and bread pudding to all the new members, but, well, the Dark just doesn't do that. You know how it is.

Anyway, many happy returns of the holidays to you all! Should we partake in some festivities? Crash a carolling party? Melt candlewax in the Stanton Family's front door keyhole? Burn boughs of holly? Spike the cider? Bob for Old Ones? Suggestions warmly welcomed.

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06:10pm 06/04/2003
mood: hopeful
The spell of Mana and the spell of Reck and the spell of Lir.

Greetings! Salutations! Welcome!

{6 rising . we are the dark}